Building a community towards a next generation policy making

Did you know that BPC community already transcends the scope of the project? Yes, it does!

BPC aims to take a decisive step forward for European Policy in digital governance in the field of innovation management and big data, so we work to ensure that BPC knowledge is diffused and shared as widely as possible. We strive to engage a wide network of stakeholders in the production of BPC results to orient them towards real needs. This is why BPC experts and stakeholders are the best positioned to adopt this knowledge, promote its adoption and its further enhancement.

The Next Generation Policy Making community, that's how we like to call ourselves, has recently joined a bigger and active community, the Big Data Value Association. More precisely, BPC has joined the group inside the BDVA that works in the identification of applications in which big data technologies can create the biggest impact in Europe. The key focus of this group is to identify and act on the needs (technology, skills, etc.) as well as the areas of interest applicable to different industrial sectors (Telecom, Healthcare, Media, Manufacturing, etc.), but the concrete view of the Public Sector is missing. And here we come in to give our vision and help generating, with our results, an innovation ecosystem that includes industry, academia and Public Sector representatives, benefiting also from the links between BDVA and other associations.

To materialize the collaboration between BPC and the BDVA, the 2nd BPC workshop took place in the recent European Big Data Value Forum conference, presented by the leader of the BDVA working group that is aligned to BPC objectives.  Our aim was to announce the strategy for bringing the perspective of the Public Sector to this working group, emphasizing the rich opportunities for analysis and informed policy making generated by big data. The feedback received from the audience, mainly members of the BDVA, was very positive and reflected their willingness towards this collaboration.

The plan for the new year’s BPC activities in collaboration with the BDVA will be released soon. Look for the next BPC activity that best suits you and reserve your place!